Terms of service


By providing us with your personal information (name, postal address, postal code, email address, telephone number), you agree that Piosa may use this information to complete your online transactions, to communicate with you and to inform you of upcoming events and special offers that may be of interest to you, either by email or by mail.

Pricing Policy

Prices and promotions appearing on piosaonline.com are subject to change without notice. Online and in-store promotions may also vary and not be the same. All prices are displayed in Canadian dollars ($).

Warranty policy

All products sold on our website are covered by the manufacturer's warranty, according to the duration determined by each manufacturer. In the event of a manufacturing defect, Piosa undertakes to return the product to the manufacturer and to follow up on the claim.

Exchange rate

At the time of the transaction, the institution that issued your credit card will determine the exchange rate according to which your transaction will be carried out.

The following website gives you a realistic approximation of the exchange rate that will be applied to your order: www.xe.com/ucc


To ensure that your payments are processed securely, Piosa works with PayPal, the largest online payment processor in Canada. For more information, visit www.paypal.com. Your information is automatically transmitted to PayPal and processed in the same way as a magnetic stripe or chip card transaction.

Request for additional information

Proof of identity (health insurance card, driver's license), a photograph of the credit card and a copy of the confirmation receipt signed by the credit card holder will be required in the following cases:

-Any order exceeding $500.
-Any order to be shipped to an address other than the one registered in your Piosa online account.
-If we deem the information provided by the customer insufficient.
-If the information provided by the customer is invalid.

This information should be sent to the following address: info@boutiquepiosa.com
Piosa reserves the right to cancel any order if these documents have not been received within 7 days of the request.